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November 10th, 2008 by Gloria | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

I TASTE LIKE SOCKS! :DI have a powerful love of food. I have a feeling that the perfect job for me would be critiquing any fine dining establishment. I love salads, meat, candy, cake, everything. I’ll try everything at least once, including some of the nastiest things imaginable. I tried those gross ‘mixed fruit’ twizzlers. Now and then I’ll try something bizarre and find a gem, like those oh-so-delicious caramel bugles. You’re probably asking yourself, “What does this have to do with gaming?” Good question, dear reader. Well, as avid a food fan as I am, whenever I come across a particularly strange food(ish) item in a game, I tend to wonder just what - exactly - it tastes like. Some of them just look so good.

I’ve compiled a short list of the game foods I’d love to try. It took more consideration than I thought it would, but I had to leave out a lot of the games that just use regular real life food items. Not that I have anything against cake…it’s just that I’m sure we’ve all eaten it at least once by now.