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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions from past emails with supplied answers to hopefully prevent them from being asked again.

Are you guys dead? When will you update next? What’s up?
Um, Monique got a really big job and Leslie always had a big job and the site died for a while. It will be coming back, with a bigger and better layout, but every time Monique promises something she fails. Ergo, take updates at will, and don’t fret. We’re not dead, I mean, how do you kill something with no life? (Thanks South Park.)

Will you be willing to promote something for us? Review something?
Of course we’d love to! In the past we’ve received review copies of titles like Soul Caliber IV for the Xbox 360 and N++ for the PSP We’re also heading to EA’s headquarters for an all-expense paid trip this September and boy, are we excited!

We’re always up for any partnerships or affiliations. We’re even looking for sponsorship. At the heart of it, we’re willing to review anything if given it for free–though we do ask you to realize we will include our real opinions even if they end up being negative. But if your product (or event or company or anything) is good, you can count on getting some very positive press from us!

Can you link me? I’ve linked you.
Please let us know if you link us! We will check out your site and link you in return if we feel it’s up to our standards and covers the same subject matter. Unfortunately, we cannot link everyone who links us and hope you understand if we choose not to return the favor.

Who does what around here?
Monique designs and codes everything in addition to writing articles–she also replies to emails and manages other aspects of GDG. You may see her portfolio at The site itself hosted by Leslie of Everyone else is just a weekly contributer for the time being.

My comment never showed up, are you censoring me?
Because of spam, currently GDG moderates all comments. For the most part, a staff member will approve every comment displayed here within 24 hours. If your comment never shows up, please let a GDG member know; it’s possible it got accidentally filtered into spam.

What’s your traffic like?
hitcounter.png GDG got about 200 unique hits a day when it first started. Traffic picked up to about 500 over the past few months, with a few days in the thousands. For the month of January an average week has been around the mid thousands, sometimes more and sometimes less. We hope this increases.

Are you all really chicks?
Yes, we’re all females.

Do you all play World of Warcraft?
At some point, all of us have. Our avatars were made in WoW Model Viewer to resemble our actual characters to give you an idea of our class, faction, and gear levels.

Why did _____ quit?
People come and go–real life interferes with gaming and the internet all the time. Sometime it interferes too much. All staff members are eligible to return to GDG if listed on the staff page, even if under inactive; the call is ultimately Monique’s.

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