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About Monique Borderlands: A ‘Sanctuary’ for Impatient Diablo Fans
November 3rd, 2009 by Monique | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

Featuring Lilith (Hot.) It had been a while since I had felt like writing here, and then Borderlands came around. Hailed as Diablo 2 meets Fallout 3 and introduced as a success where Hellgate: London so blindly failed, Borderlands was last week’s big news release, and is by far the best game I’ve played in a while.

First off, let me do away with assumptions: Borderlands is really nothing more than a loot game. In fact, if you’ve played Diablo or Titan Quest, you know almost exactly what to expect from the genre. But what sets Borderlands radically apart from other such genre clones is that not only does it mimic Blizzard’s patented formula, it improves on it; your expectations are not only met, but raised substantially. Borderlands is more than just a game, it’s an experience, and it makes sure you;ll never look at these types of games the same way. Deviating from the mold, Gearbox developers intelligently chose to deviate from the medieval setting, throw in their own brand of humor, add a screen full of dynamic cell-shaded graphics, and finally a dash of seamless gameplay to create what is possibly 2009’s game of the year, bugs aside.


About Brittany Review - Call of Duty: World at War
November 28th, 2008 by Brittany | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon


Bound and helpless in a tiny hut surrounded by fierce Japanese soldiers, you watch. You watch as a fellow soldier is grilled for information by a cigar-smoking general who would give up his own life for his Emperor. When your Marine brethren won’t give in to their relentless torture, he receives a searing hot coal to the face. As he spews blood all of the face of his interrogator, his life is quickly ended by a violent slashing of his throat. All you can do is look on in horror as you realize that the soldier coming toward you is about to offer you the same fate.

Just as you come to the realization that your time serving your country has come to an end, a glimmer of hope appears. A knife slices cleanly through your captor and he falls over, dead. A stream of Marines enter the rundown tent and offer you a weapon with which to exact vengeance on the Japanese soldiers who trapped you there. With that, the explosive campaign to Call of Duty: World at War begins.


About Gloria Put the Stick Down
October 13th, 2008 by Gloria | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

Who likes candaaaay?When I was a kid I actually hated pińatas. I considered them yet another adult-conceived contraption purely meant for the taunting of children. Think about it - they make you wear a blindfold and then as if that wasn’t enough, they spin you around to the point of nearly vomiting. After handing you a large blunt object, they face you vaguely in the direction of the pińata and laugh as you wobble and swing violently at anything in your path. Eventually you may hit the pińata and be rewarded with candy; except you have to fight off all the other kids that swarm over to get their hands on it. Thankfully Rare’s versions of pińata related games are drastically more reasonable and fun.


About Suzie A belated but elated review of the Playstation 3
September 18th, 2008 by Suzie | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

Playstation 3In the corner of my living room lives a sleek black box. A Playstation 3, in fact, that I bought after many months of head-scratching over the differences between the wii, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 itself. So I came to the console war game a little late.

Two months after my initial purchase, I can honestly say I’m glad I did it. The Playstation 3 is without doubt the more expensive of the three, but it’s also the most rock-solid. It’s quiet, fast and powerful - three things I love to say about any gadgetry I own.

It also took care of ever need I had. It plays movies, music, accesses the internet, sings, dances, and occasionally even cooks and cleans. (Well, okay, it lets me look up recipes when I’m in the middle of cooking and suddenly realise I have no idea what I’m doing.)

You can use your PSP to access your PS3 - from anywhere on the planet with a Wifi connection. This means that you can turn on the PS3 when your significant other is at home, scaring the bejesus out of them and convincing them that the PS3 is, in fact, possessed. It also lets you access the massive harddrive storage on the go, which means you can save up to 80gb of movies and music and then watch them remotely.

About Gloria Tactics, My Dear Watson
August 25th, 2008 by Gloria | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

Chocobo not includedBrimming with excitement, I flipped my DS open and eagerly smudged my thumb against the start button. The moment I had been waiting for finally arrived - my chance to play the much anticipated sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I went into playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift with such high expectations; At this point I’d be lying if I said the game met them. But at the same time, it hasn’t significantly disappointed me either.


About Gloria You Got Some RPG in My Pokémon!
August 18th, 2008 by Gloria | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

Ignore the terrifying creatures sneaking up on youThe Pokémon franchise is one that’s earned a bit of a negative image due to the way it was aggressively advertised. In short, it was forced down everyone’s throat and now some people can’t stand it anymore. Little kids loved it so parents bought it, which drove Nintendo to push it even more. The recommended age was lost in translation somewhere around the time the television series came out and Pokémon, like so many others before it, was branded as a kid’s game. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because kids really do seem to love their pikachu. The downside was that many people turned away from the series because their little nieces and nephews were all about catching them all.