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About Monique Borderlands: A ‘Sanctuary’ for Impatient Diablo Fans
November 3rd, 2009 by Monique | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

Featuring Lilith (Hot.) It had been a while since I had felt like writing here, and then Borderlands came around. Hailed as Diablo 2 meets Fallout 3 and introduced as a success where Hellgate: London so blindly failed, Borderlands was last week’s big news release, and is by far the best game I’ve played in a while.

First off, let me do away with assumptions: Borderlands is really nothing more than a loot game. In fact, if you’ve played Diablo or Titan Quest, you know almost exactly what to expect from the genre. But what sets Borderlands radically apart from other such genre clones is that not only does it mimic Blizzard’s patented formula, it improves on it; your expectations are not only met, but raised substantially. Borderlands is more than just a game, it’s an experience, and it makes sure you;ll never look at these types of games the same way. Deviating from the mold, Gearbox developers intelligently chose to deviate from the medieval setting, throw in their own brand of humor, add a screen full of dynamic cell-shaded graphics, and finally a dash of seamless gameplay to create what is possibly 2009’s game of the year, bugs aside.


About Gloria Put the Stick Down
October 13th, 2008 by Gloria | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

Who likes candaaaay?When I was a kid I actually hated piñatas. I considered them yet another adult-conceived contraption purely meant for the taunting of children. Think about it - they make you wear a blindfold and then as if that wasn’t enough, they spin you around to the point of nearly vomiting. After handing you a large blunt object, they face you vaguely in the direction of the piñata and laugh as you wobble and swing violently at anything in your path. Eventually you may hit the piñata and be rewarded with candy; except you have to fight off all the other kids that swarm over to get their hands on it. Thankfully Rare’s versions of piñata related games are drastically more reasonable and fun.


About Suzie Let’s Talk About Sims, Baby: Part I - SimCity Creator
September 23rd, 2008 by Suzie | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

SimCity CreatorEA is the ‘big guy’ when it comes to game development. They have a string of successful franchises across a range of platforms and genres, and I don’t just mean success in terms of dollar bills - though they have plenty of that. Many of their franchises are routinely held up as ‘great games’ - most notably for me is SimCity and Command & Conquer. I’ve played most incarnations of these two series, and I love them.

So I was delighted to receive an invitation to EA Redwood Shores, CA to attend a Sims Bloggers Day. I would get to see several upcoming Sims game, talk with some designers, meet some other bloggers, and see just what’s it like at the HQ for the biggest name in gaming. I’d also get to spend 22 hours sitting in a plane, but such is the lot of the dedicated blogger.

First impressions count for a lot, and EA makes a good one. The building is huge, modern, and the lobby decorated with arcade machines, and a giant TV screen. There are gardens, a labyrinth, a nearby lagoon, an on site gym, a creche complete with playground, big lounges, and (of course) game rooms. No expense has been spared, which is perhaps not surprising given the furor that arose in 2004 over the work-life balance of EA employees. The developers may still have to work long hours, but at least they can see their children and get some exercise. Certainly none of the people we spoke to seemed to be unhappy, and the passion for the games they were creating came through in their presentations.

Ah yes. The games. As a Sims day, all the games were shown were part of the Sims franchise, but there was quite a wide variety in what we saw. One developer compared the MySims characters to the muppets - able to be plunged into any storyline or genre, whilst still retaining their muppetness (or Simness).

I’ll start at the beginning, with the soon-to-be-released SimCity Creator. In my next few posts I’ll move on to MySims Kingdom, SimAnimals and finish up with MySims PC. Finally I’m going to talk a bit about what the Sims franchise represents for gamers, and explore EA’s corporate culture a bit further. So stay tuned - we’ve got a lot to talk about.

About Brittany Christmas in July
July 4th, 2008 by Brittany | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

Santa relaxing in the poolIt’s that time again, dear readers! Meeeeerrry Christmas!

What’s that? It’s summer, you say? Haven’t you ever heard of the time-honored tradition of celebrating Christmas in July? It’s the perfect time for stores to gear up to sell you your Christmas necessities and for everyone to celebrate the holiday season while lounging in the sun sipping on some delicious iced tea.

It’s also the perfect time to take a look at some great releases we’re going to see around the real holiday season this year. Let’s take a look into Santa’s big red bag.


About Mercedes A Happy Ending: Metal Gear Solid 4
June 22nd, 2008 by Mercedes | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

MGS4: Old SnakeOn June 12th, Playstation 3 owners fled from their houses to the nearest GameStops, Best Buys, and Walmarts to get their hands on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Well, okay, maybe not all of them—but if you didn’t, you should have.

Fresh from Kojima Productions, MGS4 marks the end of an era. It’s the final installment in the Metal Gear series to star Solid Snake, the suave protagonist fans know and love. As a PS3 exclusive, the game earned itself quite a bit of hype and lives up to every bit.


About Gloria WoTLK is Ready to WoW Me
May 19th, 2008 by Gloria | Digg | Technorati | Reddit | Stumble Upon

God I want to touch his hairWe are smack in the era of fantastic MMORPGs. There are a lot of classics like Guild Wars, CoX, Ultima Online, etc. There are also a lot of upcoming games that show a lot of promise. Age of Conan, Warhammer– the list goes on. Promise isn’t everything, of course; a lot of hyped games fall flat on their faces. Aion, for one, is ticking me and others off due to the lack of progress with setting a retail date. Seriously, this is somewhere around the third or fourth beta, and there’s no news. Totally poor management. A general release estimate or something would tide me over, but no, nothing yet. Just more betas. Bad signs don’t bode well in such a competitive business–and MMORPGs are as competitive as they get now.

World of Warcraft, however, putters on without any hint of stopping as its competition races to dethrone it.