Girls Don’t Game is the creation of Monique. After quitting World of Warcraft, she found herself with spare gaming time and wanted to write about games. Simply put, she wanted a blog. Enlisting her close friend Leslie to team up with her as a co-author, she created GDG in September 2007.

In general, this website is like a giant op-ed page in a gaming magazine. It’s informal and it’s messy at times, but that’s fine.


The opinions and viewpoints in a post contains solely the viewpoints of the person who posted it. Many times, in fact, the authors disagree with each other; we all come from different gaming backgrounds and styles. Still, we believe in letting anyone speak their mind, so we won’t censor people, least of all our own authors.

The Forums

Recently the girls of GDG have brought to life GDG Forums which is an online community to discuss video games and anything else. It’s currently small and close, but feel free to drop in and introduce yourselves for the time being.


All written content is copyright their respective writer(s), 2007 and beyond. All logos and the domain itself were imagined by Monique. All graphic design was done in Adobe Photoshop CS3 by Monique. Artwork used came from the Sons of the Storm who are the official artists of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. Both the piece for the index and archives were done by the artist Raneman.

As for why Blood Elves were chosen, Monique felt the blue motif of Chun-li was too dull and confining after five months of blogging. Her friend Scott suggested the Blood Elf hunter artwork as a possible backdrop and thus version 2 of GDG was born. Enjoy!

Brief Terms of Use

The intent of Girls Don’t Game is to share information and entertain the gaming community. As the reader, you are invited to comment freely. Do note, however, that GDG reserves the right to remove comments or posts that are abusive, hateful, or defame anyone needlessly.

If you would like to use any of the written content of this blog on your own website, a link back to this website is necessary and should cite the original author appropriately. Please note that the creators of Girls Don’t Game receive no money and this means you shouldn’t be getting any either for the reproduction of their articles.

Author Terms of Service

By posting an article, You consent to an agreement giving Girls Don’t Game an exclusive, royalty free, perpetual license to display your writing on GDG for as long as desired, including but not limited to www.girlsdontgame.com for non-profit purposes including publicity and content. This license is breakable solely by GDG and is still viable in the event the author leaves the website or is removed. An author may request for their articles to be taken down, but it is not guaranteed it will be done in the case where doing so disrupts the website. By actively writing for GDG, you are assumed responsible for this understanding with the act of posting the confirmation. In return, GDG promises that your articles will never be edited without permission or posted without credit to your name.

Comment Terms of Service

Comments are subject to the same ToS as above. By commenting, you sign over your comment’s content to be published on GDG for all eyes to see and relinquish ownership. Comments may be used for future post backdrops or simply quoted back, citing the original commenter’s name as credit. You may ask for a comment to be deleted at any time, although it is unlikely anything will be done about it.


If you are unsure of anything, or want to know how GDG created something, just ask.