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April 2nd, 2010 by Monique
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Settlers 7: A game I won As the DRM failboat continues to capsize at Ubisoft, and gamers find themselves unable to even log into the newly released Settlers 7 to verify the legitimacy of the game upon release, I have to wonder: are these launch problems just a poorly timed April Fool’s joke?

Well, it’s April 2nd now, and their support forum complaints are still piling up, so I guess not. It’s a shame because in general I enjoy strategy games and was interested in trying out series for the first time - but if it’s as broken as it sounds, this gamer isn’t planning on supporting Ubisoft’s stupid DRM choices with her money any time soon. And Settlers 7 looked damn good, too.

All of this just speaks of a larger issue at hand, too. It’s starting to become evident that gaming companies are grasping at straws for explanations for their lower sales and that piracy has become the new scapegoat. It all started with Crysis developers and higher-ups explaining a couple of years ago that its lackluster sales hinged fully on piracy; a surprising disregard for the inability of the majority of gamers to run the game on their systems without serious overhauls to their rigs. Funnily enough, there’s a lot of video game companies that are selling their titles fine and don’t seem too stuck on pigeonholing their problems into the piracy excuse. Unfortunately for the Settlers series, Ubisoft doesn’t seem to be one.

But let’s be honest here, I don’t think Valve needed to do anything special for Left 4 Dead 2, and I’m fairly certain Borderlands did well despite extremely relaxed DRM on Gearbox’s behalf. Man up or get out, Ubisoft - or at least stop ruining games before they’re even released.

4 Responses to “Thanks for Ruining Settlers 7”

  1. Nime Says:

    I do think piracy is a pretty big problem and I respected the developers right to put some drm on games for a while, but companies like Ubisoft need to learn that trying (and largely failing) to stop pirates should never come at the expense of your paying customers.

    Always good to see a new article up :]

  2. Moses Says:


    Ubisoft has undoubtedly earned themselves a reputation for badly handling drm on a good number of their titles. It seems they’ve been figuratively “on the fence” about making a solid commitment to drm technology for the past few years. With UPlay now being implemented as their new “online strategy” for future(mostly SP) games regarding piracy, I’m curious to see how this will turn out for them (and me :p ).

  3. Victor Stillwater Says:

    Heyo. Victor Stillwater from Games and Geekery and LJ here. One thing I always have to think about when I play games these days is connectivity.

    I don’t always have internet where I am, which is a pain but also a reality. I buy legit games, and yet if I can’t play them WHEN I WANT TO, then it makes no sense for me to buy them.

    Settlers 7, while potentially a good game, is overshadowed by the negative impression people get with the DRM scheme implemented on it. :(

  4. William Says:

    I’ve noticed similar problems with a number of XBL releases. Microsoft as a whole seems to be completely unfamiliar with the idea that you might connect to the internet at one point, and not then be connected to the internet at every subsequent moment of your console’s life, no exceptions.

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